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Sending a strong team to Sochi

Last year, Lundin Norway signed a cooperation agreement with the Norwegian College of Elite Sport (NTG) with the aim of supporting the students’ enthusiasm and ambitions. We are proud to say that 32 of the members of Norway’s Olympic team have backgrounds from NTG – that’s 27 percent!!

“Our” athletes stand a good chance of winning medals in events including freestyle, ski jumping, Nordic combined, snowboard, alpine skiing, ice hockey, cross-country skiing and biathlon. This means that the school has achieved its primary objective, which is to contribute to athletes winning medals in international championships, qualifying for further studies and developing positive attitudes.

The high percentage of athletes with NTG backgrounds proves that the school is one of Norway’s foremost developers of sports talents. Companies can learn a lot from the way NTG works in the process of developing, maintaining and communicating expertise in quite different arenas that are also important for Norway.

We can’t wait to follow NTG alumni in their fight for medals and honour!


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