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Lundin Norway wins this year’s explorer award

The oil industry’s Oscars – Gullkronen 2014 – were awarded at Wallmans Oslo a few days ago. Rystad Energy’s Gullkronen awards honor companies in the oil and gas industry who have shown outstanding achievements on the Norwegian continental shelf during the previous year. Lundin Norway won the prize for “Explorer of the Year”.

The jury’s reasoning is as follows: “The Explorer of the Year has demonstrated excellent performance over several years and has contributed to major discoveries in different parts of the NCS. The company always delivers high-quality technical work using state-of-the-art technology on high-quality data and has a unique ability to think “outside the box”. It was therefore not a big surprise for the jury that the winner was involved in several successes in 2013. Two of these discoveries are: (1) Continued exploration success in a mature part of the North Sea, and (2) A significant discovery and “play opener” in the Barents Sea. The winner has combined old ideas and new technology leading up to what may be an important target for future drilling.”