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Order of Saint Olav to Lundin’s exploration legend

His Majesty the King has named the man who discovered the gigantic Johan Sverdrup field Knight of the first order of Saint Olav for his contribution within petroleum geology.

Hans Christen Rønnevik is one of the true pioneers in Norwegian oil and gas history. He started his career in what was once called The Oil Office, where he drew up the first maps of the Norwegian continental shelf. He has contributed enormous values to society throughout his career.

“Over the course of several decades, he has created huge values for the country through his tireless work to explore the Norwegian shelf. He has proven oil and gas resources of a magnitude that geologists worldwide can only dream of,” says Managing Director in Lundin Norway, Kristin Færøvik.

Discovered billions of barrels

It was Rønnevik who came up with the key to crack the code for the Utsira High, a feat which culminated in the discovery of Johan Sverdrup – a field expected to contain resources of 2.2 – 3.2 billion barrels of oil, and which is among the largest on the Norwegian shelf.

“But not only has Rønnevik worked to create a deeper understanding of the subsurface on the Norwegian continental shelf which has benefited his own employers, he has also been a driving force in the effort to share information, which in turn has contributed to elevate the level of knowledge throughout the entire industry,” says Færøvik.

Role model for a generation of geologists

Rønnevik was the exploration manager in Lundin Norway from the very start when the company was established in 2004 and up until he passed on the baton in 2015. He continues to work in Lundin Norway’s exploration department and he is a significant purveyor of knowledge to the next generation of professionals.

“He has been a role model for a whole generation of geologists and geophysicists. He has demonstrated that curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are essential in all research work, and that these qualities know no age limit. He continues to create drillable prospects by interpreting seismic data and drawing on his unparalleled knowledge about the Norwegian shelf,” says exploration manager in Lundin, Halvor Jahre.