Til toppen

From apprentice to big responsibility

Two years ago, Daniel Rushfeldt started working as an apprentice on the Edvard Grieg platform in the North Sea. Now he’s just finished his final trade exam and can take his place as a process technician running production of oil and gas worth close to 100 million kroner a day.

“This is my dream job,” Daniel says. Last Saturday, the 20-year-old took his trade exam as process operator. Now he can move straight into the regular shift rotation where his tasks will include managing production of oil and gas on the platform from the control room. This is a job that carries quite a lot of responsibility.

“The production from the Edvard Grieg field centre represents enormous values, but that is not our primary focus,” Daniel explains.

“Everything is about overall safety. The well stream that comes up from the reservoir is under high pressure and represents a huge amount of energy. We have to maintain solid control over this at all times,” Daniel says.

He started as an apprentice on the Edvard Grieg platform two years ago, after attending Karmsund Upper Secondary School in Haugesund. Two years as an apprentice were completed last Saturday, with a true marathon of a trade exam. Two independent external examiners from the Rogaland examination board kept Daniel busy from 7 in the morning to 10:30 at night.

The exam consisted of a practical part and a theoretical part, both of which had to be planned, executed and evaluated. Lots were drawn to determine the topic for the exams. The practical exam dealt with performing a maintenance procedure on a pump in the flare system.

“It was a long day. I could have split up the exam over two days, but I would rather get it all over with on the same day. Otherwise, I think I would have had a hard time getting to sleep that night,” he says.

He passed the trade exam with flying colours.

Rushfeldt will now move straight from his apprenticeship to a spot on the team responsible for offshore process and safety systems. And he knows that this is the right job for him.

“I had already decided on this line of work even before I started upper secondary school,” Daniel says.

“But you never know for sure whether it’s the right job until you’ve tried it for a while. I was lucky and got an apprentice spot on Edvard Grieg, which means that I’ve already been working offshore for two years. So I know that this is the perfect job for me,” says the brand-new process operator.