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Lundin Norway takes a leading role with digitization

Through smart use and extensive sharing of data, we reduce our emissions and strengthen both the company’s and the entire industry’s competitiveness. That’s why we take a leading role when it comes to digitization on the Norwegian shelf.

Smart use of data benefits climate

Lundin Norway has developed a unique energy management system for use on the Edvard Grieg platform. The system will result in significant savings in terms of both economy and the climate.

By linking real-time production data with energy consumption information for all parts of the facility, this newly-developed system can help us optimise operations and use energy with maximum efficiency. The potential savings are huge. Read more.


Lundin Norway first to use new form of data sharing

In September, Edvard Grieg became the first platform on the Norwegian shelf where real-time production data is shared freely with the partners via a cloud service. This allows licence partners to directly access production data from the field, for example visualised on panels. Read more.