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Full activity for Solveig and Rolvsnes

Our construction campaign in the North Sea are proceeding as planned. Structures are now being installed on the seabed that will link Solveig and Rolvsnes to the Edvard Grieg production platform. Solveig is a field that is currently under development. Rolvsnes is a discovery where a long-term production test will be conducted. Both are located close to Edvard Grieg on the Utsira High in the North Sea.

Six to eight vessels will be involved in installing pipes and subsea templates, well into the autumn.

The Apache II pipelaying vessel has completed its first round on the field, where it laid production tubing for Rolvsnes which will subsequently be connected to the Edvard Grieg platform. Right now, the vessel is on its way back to Orkanger in Trøndelag county, where the pipes are manufactured, to spool up the production tubing and the water injection pipe for Solveig. These pipes will first be pulled up through the existing J-tubes which run through the jacket on the Edvard Grieg platform before they are laid out to the Solveig field, located about 15 kilometres away.

A vessel has already dumped rock along parts of the pipeline route to make sure that they lie in a stable position. Another vessel is standing by on the field to assist with the pipelaying. And during the course of spring and summer, three or more vessels will be mobilised.

The Solveig field is situated about 15 kilometres south of Edvard Grieg, and was proven in 2013. The reserve basis for the first phase of the development is estimated at 57 million barrels of oil equivalent. Additional parts of the field will be assessed for later development. Simultaneously with the development of Solveig, preparations are being made for an expanded well test on the Rolvsnes discovery. In practice, this means that production will take place from one well for up to one year with the objective of acquiring knowledge about the production properties. Rolvsnes is located in a type of reservoir that has never before been