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“Now is the time to focus on young people”

“In these demanding times, Lundin Energy Norway is looking for any and all opportunities to streamline, but this must not come at the expense of developing talents,” says Managing Director Kristin Færøvik.

A total of 500 students had applied for summer jobs with Lundin when the deadline expired early this year. Among the 30 given the opportunity to prove themselves in one of the world’s leading oil companies is Amanda Bjerva (pictured at the top of the article). She will be working in the department for communications and external relations.

“Since we find ourselves in such unusual times, I’m very grateful that Lundin is prioritising summer jobs. I also think it’s important that young people are given the opportunity to share their innovative ideas. It’s a golden opportunity for students to gain relevant work experience and build their network,” says Bjerva, who is studying strategic communication at Lund University in Sweden.

More than 30 students from a broad range of disciplines will be working for Lundin Energy Norway this summer. The tasks and framework for their workdays will, of course, have to be adapted to the situation we are in, but the Managing Director is clear that it is particularly important to prioritise tomorrow’s employees in such times.

“Our goal has always been not to let tough times come at the expense of developing talents. Perhaps cutting summer jobs could have been an easy solution in the short term, but this is when we have to demonstrate that, as an industry, we are taking a long-term approach. Now is the time to focus on young people. After all, they’re the ones who will be finding the solutions that will carry us through the new challenges we will face in a cyclical industry,” says Managing Director Kristin Færøvik.

“This job is a perfect fit for my studies, so it was an easy decision for me to apply. This is an exciting industry I want to learn more about,” says Bjerva, who will be continuing her master’s degree in the autumn.