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Billion NOK tax income to the Norwegian State from the Edvard Grieg field

Lundin started as an exploration company and has grown and developed into an experienced developer and operator. Today, Lundin is more than 400 individuals who do much more than explore for oil and gas. We explore new ideas, new concepts and new solutions.

We explore even better ways to produce, and even better ways to develop energy. We seek out improvements within safety and the environment. We search for the best new partners, and new ways of collaborating.

When we find what we’re looking for – that makes us a little bit better. When we don’t find it – that makes us a little bit wiser.

We have explored, discovered and created significant value that benefits the broader community. Given the challenges facing us right now, exploring new ideas and solutions is more important than ever. We supply energy to a world that is constantly changing, and to a population that grows every single day.

A large portion of this energy will come from oil and gas for many decades. This energy needs to be supplied from those who run their business in the most responsible manner; and with the lowest emissions possible.

We are well-positioned here. Our search for new solutions has made us one of the world’s leading sustainable oil companies. But we’re not satisfied to leave it at that. Behind every smart solution, another lies waiting.

We will continue to explore. We are explorers by nature.

Lundin Energy Norway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lundin Energy.


Lundin Energy Norway AS

Visiting address: Strandveien 4, 1366 Lysaker
Mailing address: P.O. box 247, 1366 Lysaker

TEL: +47 67 00 20 00

Email: post@lundin-energy.com

Lundin Energy Norway Management Team

Kristin Færøvik

Managing Director

Per Øyvind Seljebotn

Exploration and Reservoir Development Director

Morten Grini

Drilling and Well Director

Charlotte Berge

Field Development Director

Arild Dybvig

Commercial and Business Development Director

Frøydis Eldevik

Communications and External Relations Director

Kari Nielsen

Operations Director

Jørn Kokvold

HR Director

Jan Nagell

Finance Director

Jan Vidar Markmanrud

HSEQ Director


At Lundin Energy Norway, we are enthusiasts who work every day to develop the company, and thus also an oil and gas industry for the future.

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