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Social Responsibility

The resources hidden beneath the Norwegian continental shelf belong to all of us. This means that the oil and gas industry is more closely connected to society than many other industries. We provide jobs for thousands of people, and vast revenues for the common good through the taxes we pay.

Our role in the society

Our focus in Lundin Energy Norway is on more than just being a passive taxpayer. We also want to make a positive contribution through the way we operate, and by supporting activities and organisations through sponsorship agreements.

Cooperation with the supplier industry in Norway
The oil companies in Norway rely on a strong Norwegian supplier industry. We in Lundin have largely chosen Norwegian suppliers for our projects. First and foremost because we have players who are both competitive and world leaders within their fields. But also, in a longer perspective, to contribute to maintaining expertise and value creation in Norway.

Our activity as an operating company secures many more jobs among our suppliers than for ourselves, a factor we are very much aware of.

Research and development
Good ideas and new solutions are essential for our continuous improvement. Each year, Lundin spends more than NOK 100 million on research and development projects. Our highly-skilled experts cooperate with research institutions, universities and other commercial players.

An important key to success in this type of collaboration is our policy of not owning patents or rights to products or technologies. We want to be good at using technology, not selling it. Technological development is a natural part of our social responsibility.


  • Main sponsor of the Norwegian College of Elite Sport
  • Main sponsor of the Norwegian Petroleum Society
  • Sponsor for the Norwegian national team in skijumping
  • Sponsor for DNT Oslo og omegn – the Norwegian Trekking Association
  • Sponsor for The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger