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Safety and environment

In Lundin Energy Norway we believe that all accidents can be prevented. Our goal is therefore zero harm to people, environment and assets. Achieving zero is an expectation for ourselves and everyone working for us - every day.

We have a core foundation in our HSEQ Leadership Charter consisting of four key elements that are the driving force for acting responsibly, conducting business successfully, improving effectiveness and realising our company goals.

We are committed in our efforts reach our goals and believe in engaging our people through delegating accountability and communicating expectations.
We act in a responsible manner and lead by example.
We expect a strategic approach at all levels to ensure operational integrity and realise company objectives.
We challenge, propose solutions and follow up their implementation throughout the Company.
Management establishes policy, provides leadership, sets goals and expectations and provides the resources needed to ensure good results.

Risk and Opportunity Management
Our decisions and actions are based on sound identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities at all levels.
We manage risk through a systematic approach, by having robust technical barriers and the right competence.

Continuous Improvement
We are focused on improving our business in a robust and efficient manner.
We adapt swiftly to change and consider innovative solutions and their potential impact to our business.
Inherent safety and security are enhanced, and risk to health and the environment are minimised by learning from successes and failures.

We continually review and assess the degree to which expectations are met.
We consider it essential to improve the integrity of our operations and facilities, and maintain accountability.
We take actions to prevent accidents, reduce risk and safeguard our values.