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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Lundin Energy Norway is devoted to safeguarding openness, showing trust, being honest and ensuring diversity throughout our value chain, from exploration through development and production. We rely on the key competencies of the contracting market through;

  • Early engagement of the contractors/vendors
  • Access to the required services and materials at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without compromising the given quality and HSE standards
  • Use of functional requirements and standardized products reducing unnecessary customization

How to become a supplier to Lundin Energy Norway

Lundin has, in cooperation with other Operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), Norsk Industri and EPIM (hosting several operator-shared software and system solutions), developed a new Joint Qualification System (JQS) for prequalification of suppliers to perform work on the NCS.

EPIM JQS has a modern and user-friendly interface and functionalities providing a good solution to connect buyers and sellers of products and services related to the NCS.

Lundin Norway has selected EPIM JQS as our system for search for pre-qualified suppliers. There is an expectation that all suppliers will register in the new solution, identifying all relevant products and services. Failure to identify such may result in your company not being selected for our tender lists. NOROG (EPIM) will facilitate a good onboarding of both operators, major contractors and suppliers to the new EPIM JQS.

From 01st January 2019 EPIM JQS will be our only system in the search for relevant suppliers for products and services related to our operations on the NCS.

Further information is available at www.epimjqs.no and provides access to register your company in the new EPIM JQS solution.


As a responsible company, Lundin is committed to carry out its operations with the highest ethical business conduct and strives for continuous improvement to ensure safe operations while preserving the environment. Lundin Energy’s Code of Conduct, expressing our values and principles, as well as our policies, guidelines and management systems, ensure full integration of responsible practices in all aspects of our business.

The Contractor Declaration is an essential element in Lundin’s selection of contractors, suppliers and other business partners since it establishes Contractors’ commitment to work in accordance with ethical principles adhered to by Lundin Energy AB and its affiliated companies.

Lundin also recognises the importance of Contractors’ performance in matters related to Corporate Responsibility. The aim of the Contractor Declaration is to ensure Contractors abide by the same ethical standards as Lundin, as well as to increase awareness of Corporate Responsibility among its contractors.

Other relevant links can be found here.

General Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders

Procurement of goods and services is performed according to our standard conditions of purchase, which can be found here.

Invoicing instructions

Timely payment of invoices from our suppliers is important to ensure a healthy cash flow for our suppliers. It is therefore important that invoices are submitted to Lundin Energy Norway correctly first time to avoid unnecessary delays or rejection to the payment of these invoices.

Link to Supplier Invoicing Instructions.

Deliveries to Lundin Supply Base

Lundin receives a large number of packages each day at our bases so it is important these are packaged, labeled and delivered according to the PO and Lundin’s specific requirements for all deliveries.

Lundin’s Packing, Labelling and Transport Instruction.

Practical information regarding helicopter transportation

Our offshore operations are highly dependent upon the safe and timely arrival of personnel and ensuring helicopter transportation operations are run smoothly and on time. Passengers shall be aware of Lundin Energy Norway’s requirements with regard to helicopter transportation and the following information will ensure that this is achieved.